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While working at UAA you will have a Google account that is accessible for email, Google Drive storage, as well as use of their apps.  This includes YouTube.  With a YouTube account, you can create a channel on their site to store you videos and share them as well.

  • Navigate to YouTube (www.youtube.com)
  • click on the top right icon to sign in (image below)


  • Once you log into your google account using your username@alaska.edu, you will be asked to create a channel. Select yes and you’ll be sent back to the home page with these options at the top right of the page. Select Upload to start adding your videos to YouTube’s server.


  • On this page you have the ability to drag and drop your videos onto this screen or browse your computer to where you have your videos stored. Once your video has started uploading you will see a progress bar and a few options. The most important is how you want your video to be viewed. You’ll see in the image below, I have selected, ‘Unlisted’. Your three options are, Public which means anyone on the web can go and search for your video and view it, second is Unlisted which means only people you share the link will be able to view it, and finally Private meaning you (the uploader/ower of the channel) will be the only person that can see the video.

*Most often you’ll select the Unlisted option when sharing your videos in the BlackBoard environment.


  • Once your video is uploaded and you selected your options, click on the person icon at the top right of the site and select Creator Studio.
  • This will open the back end of YouTube’s storage setting, analytics, editing tools and other options. Select the Video Manager tab and select which video you want to share from the list of videos you have currently uploaded.


  • Once you click on the video you’d like to share, scroll under the video to view the share options. Select the share button and Embed, this opens a string of HTML code that you need to right click and copy.


  • Last step is to leave YouTube and navigate to the course in Blackboard you want to add this video to. Create an ‘Item’ in the content area you want this video to be housed and this will open the image you see below. Select the small HTML button in the text editor box and paste in the Embed code you copied from YouTube into the pop up box that appears after selecting ‘HTML’. Once you paste in that code and select the ‘Update’ button on that pop up and then the ‘Submit’ button on the item you created you’ll be able to go back to your content section and view that embedded video right within the BlackBoard Shell.




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