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The rubric tool, a convenient and helpful tool for grading in Blackboard, is a little bit hidden in our latest version of Blackboard; the Inline Grading view is given priority when grading submitted assignments now. This post should help people get to their rubrics for grading purposes. You can start in the Grade Center or in Needs Grading. I’ve started in the Grade Center.

1. Go to the assignment, selecting an attempt to grade (usually there’s only one, but there may be more if you allow students to resubmit assignments)


Assignment to be graded

2. In the Assignment details area, there is a small arrow – I’ve circled it on the image below – that you need to click:

Expanding grading view

3. After clicking the arrow,  an area opens up that includes rubric information. The button you use  to open the rubric for grading is circled in red.

The rubric button

4. Your rubric will  open up as you are used to seeing it, and you can proceed with your grading.


View of sample rubric


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