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Blackboard Collaborate is a robust tool for meeting with your class live and online. With so many features running at once, it can be hard to gauge participation from your students in this arena. This is a quick tip on how to use Collaborate’s built in features for a “quick save” so you can review your attendance, chat log, and whiteboard slides at a later time. Use your time in-session to focus on your discussions and your content.

To perform a “quick save” within Collaborate, go to:


  • Chat
  • Participant list
  • Whiteboard file

All of these options allow you to save the items to your computer.

file save in Collaborate

Chat and Participant Lists will save as “.txt” files.

*Participant List: Please note that this option will save the current active participant list. You may want to perform this in the middle of your session, at peak attendance, if you are using for a roster or attendance grading.

Options for saving whiteboard files are “.pdf”, “.png”, and Collaborate’s Native “.wbd” files (able to re-imported into a later session).

save whiteboard

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