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This article: Using Video Grading To Help Students Succeed from Campus Technology, showed up in my email this morning.

After reading it, I realized that we have all the tools here to use our grading process as another way to have instructor presence in our online courses (this would work for all courses, but presence is so vital in distance).


Well we have Screencasting Software, Quicktime for MAC and OfficeMix in PowerPoint for PC, we have Blackboard Inline grading, and we have Google Apps for Education: YouTube accounts.

So the process would be

1) Open your “Needs Grading” list in Blackboard

2) Select a students assignment (be careful with the video not to show other student information on screen)

3) Open your screencasting software to record, set margins to fit within the Inline grading window, begin the recording.

As you review and mark up the student paper, verbalize the correct and incorrect areas of the paper. Think of what you would say to the student if reviewing the paper in person, and those tips you would give to assist the student in getting a higher grade on their next assignment.

4) Follow the directions to save your recording.

5) Embed the video in the text editor in the feedback area of Grade Center.


Do you do this for every student for every assignment? Probably not, but you can plan to at least do one per student over the semester, tag students for more video feedback if they seem to need additional assistance in understanding the assignments, and I might make time to do this for any final course projects, just to make sure the students understand their final project grade and give advice on next steps. For example if my course is a prerequisite and the student is weak in an area that is vital to the next course, I might say, if you are going on to (next level course) you might take some time to review the material from Chapters 3 & 4 before the beginning of the next course.


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