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Been invited to a Google Hangout from a Google Apps for Education account (@alaska.edu)? Here are the places you can find the Video Call: Join meeting link!

If you have saved your invitation in your Outlook Calendar (OWA) go to the appointment and click to open the dialogue box. This will review the meeting information. Halfway down the page locate “more details>>

Google Hangout Calendar View 1

Google Hangout OWA Calendar View 1

Select the “more details>>” link to open the full calendar event dialogue box.

Google Hangouts Calendar View 2

Google Hangouts OWA Calendar View 2

Select the Video call: Join meeting: google-hangouts link. This will open the Google Hangout App in your browser.

Or if you have saved your invitation in your Google Calendar, go to the appointment, hover over it and left click your mouse. A dialogue pop-up box will appear and you will see the Video call: Join meeting: google-hangouts link there.

Google Calendar View

Google Calendar View

Select the Join meeting: google-hangouts link and the Google Hangouts App will open.


If you have not used Google Hangouts before you will be asked to download the Google Voice and Video Setup Extension. Say YES. It only takes a few minutes.

You will be given a screen that will allow you to test your video & audio and at the bottom center of your screen you will have to select Join to be added to the hangout.

Don’t forget to check out the apps you can access and use to collaborate with during your hangout located in the left navigation bar.

Have a great Hangout!

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