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VoiceThread has become a valuable tool for online courses here at UAA. Some of the things that we have learned using this tool are listed below:

Teaching Tips:

  • For graded VoiceThread assignments use the VoiceThread UAA tool and select “enable evaluation” to create the associated grade center column.
  • VoiceThread can be used for creating very editable online course lectures by using VoiceThread UAA and selecting “Watch VoiceThread.”  and loading your lecture slides or images into the VoiceThread slides, and voice over each slide individually.
  • If you use VoiceThread for online course lectures it is easy to modify, add and edit the lectures after the fact.
  • VoiceThread can upload multiple types of media, Web Video, Web Cam pictures, Powerpoint slides, Images from your computer and images from other VoiceThreads, Khan Academy Video, flickr images, and New York Public Library.

Tech Tips:

  • When creating the assignment link in VoiceThread, do not use more than one simple sentence of instruction in the Blackboard text box. You can add more detailed assignment instructions in the VoiceThread itself.
  • Both Blackboard and VoiceThread work best in the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. VoiceThread does not work well or at all in the Safari browser on a MAC.
  • MAC users may need to update their Flash Player to view VoiceThread correctly.
  • VoiceThread will ask, in any environment when trying to use microphone and video, to allow access to the microphone and/or video before being able to use those tools, select ALLOW to participate.
  • When students use VoiceThread to comment and participate in the discussion assignment they must both create and save the comment and finalize the assignment by clicking  the blue SUBMIT Assignment button.

For additional ideas or assistance with VoiceThread contact Academic Innovations & eLearning.


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