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Wikis are basically shared online spaces that multiple people can edit and add factual or topical information (think wikipedia). Wikis usually have a specific format to follow, and tier of authors and editors to check work and add to the entries.

Wikis are great way to create a sense of community among your students. Sharing and collaborating on a class-wide project with a useful product as the outcome can give them a sense of ownership of the knowledge. They are the experts. The wiki can serve as a resource for them to learn from each other, and others to learn from them in the future.

There many tools you can use for Wikis that are free.

Google sites

  • Can be private among your course, or set to public
  • Can set multiple page-level permissions
  • Many templates and customization options allow for creative flexibility
  • UAA Students have access to Google sites within their UA Google Apps for Education Apps attached to their email
  • Get started with Google Sites

google site wiki

Blackboard Wikis


Other Web 2.0 Tools

Sites like PBWorks and WikiSpaces and are great resources for student collaborative wikis.

Here is a list of 30+ wiki tools from Mashable.

  • May require students to create additional accounts
  • Allow for student ownership of the final products


Do you have ideas for using wikis in your class? Have you used wikis before? Share your story here.

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