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Did you know that you can use Calculated Total Columns to drop lowest scores in select catagories in Blackboard Grade Center? This is a quick way to use Blackboard to assist you in your final grade calculations.

You can choose to set up an additional calculated total column, or edit your current Total Column by following the instructions here:

In option 3. Select: Selected Columns and Catagories

Option 3 Calculated Grade Column

The additional Select Columns and Catagories interface will appear, choose the column or catagory you would like to set using “drop lowest grades.” You may choose more than one catagory in this area. Submit. The column will now calculate the total without the lowest grade in each selected catagory.

Drop Lowest Grade Options


Notes to use this column well:

  • In the Full Grade Center you may create additional custom catagories using “Manage” > “Catagories” > “Custom Catagories”
  • You may choose to “Hide from User” so students are not confused about this grade until all possible points are submitted in the grade center
  • Always add zero (0) points to assignments/tests not completed for proper calculation
  • You may use the second view option and add “letter” to show the letter grade to students when the final grades are calculated.


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