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Preview and publish your video

Did you know students in online courses feel more confident and secure about their learning when they see and hear you? Use this easy tip to create video messages to embed in your Blackboard course shell to connect and engage with your students.

Record a message to your students. You can create a welcome message for the “Getting Started” area and/or create weekly messages or short content lectures.

Step 1: Use webcam to record video

If you have a webcam built into or connected to your computer, you can record a video, upload it YouTube and embed it directly to Blackboard.

How to record your video

~On a PC

Use your built in “Camera” feature in Windows to capture your video. Make sure to check your audio tools settings before beginning your recording. When it’s complete review the video.  When you are ready log in to your YouTube account. Navigate to the UPLOAD button and find your new video. Drag and drop or browse your computer for your new video and follow the YouTube publish and description instructions.

~On a MAC

Navigate to your QUICKTIME Player, click to open. Under FILE select New Movie Recording. Check your microphone options and select the record button. When your recording is complete, select the stop recording button. Your movie will render to your desktop. Here you can watch and make sure it is what you want, then save the file.

To use YouTube to embed this video into your Blackboard course, log into your YouTube account and navigate to the UPLOAD button. Drag your video into the area, or browse your computer to choose the video. This automatically sets your video to unlisted for privacy. Follow the YouTube instructions to save and describe your video, follow the instructions below to embed.

Step 2: Embed the Video into your course

Use HTML Code to Embed a YouTube Video in Blackboard:

  1. Navigate to your completed video in your YouTube account
  2. Locate the SHARE icon
  3. Select the EMBED button and use your cursor to select the EMBED code provided. Use your copy command to copy this code. (the code will begin with <iframe)
  4. Navigate in a new browser tab to your Blackboard course
  5. Open the area you would like to place the video, (all text boxes in Blackboard can hold embedded media)
  6. Select “Build Content” > “Item”
  7. Give the video a title
  8. Select the “html” button, located on the third row of the text box menu
  9. In the html popup, paste the embed code.
  10. Select Update, you will see a yellow box placeholder in the text box
  11. Submit

Note: If the video is your original work and still in process you will see the YouTube video frame and process indication message. You may want to check back to your video to confirm that it processed correctly in YouTube. If embedding or linking multiple videos in one module, use a separate “item” or “web link” for each video, this will assist in load time and organization.

Use Share to LINK to any YouTube video in Blackboard:

  1. Navigate to the chosen YouTube video
  2. Locate and select the SHARE icon
  3. Select and copy the URL that begins with https:// 
  4. Navigate in a new browser tab to your Blackboard course
  5. Open the area you would like to place the video, (all text boxes in Blackboard can hold linked media)
  6. Select “Build Content” > “Web Link”
  7. Paste the copied URL into the appropriate box
  8. Give the video a title
  9. Optional: Add instructions or an introduction to the video in the “text” box
  10. Submit

This will give the students a link, when selected will open to the YouTube video in a new window for viewing.

Tech note:

Keystrokes for copy and paste:

  • MAC: Copy using command+c, paste using command+v
  • PC: Copy using control+c, paste using control+v

As always if you need assistance or other information regarding course design and online learning please contact us at Academic Innovations & eLearning. 

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