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A great resource available to UA faculty and staff is Adobe 11 Pro. It is available for download on both MAC and PC through the UA Software program. Once you have this software downloaded onto your computer you can easily create documents that are fully accessible for your students.

Review the following “I Didn’t Know Acrobat XI Could Do That!” video tutorial series

Adobe XI Pro’s tutorials:

If you are creating your documents in Microsoft Word it is suggested to use the “Styles” features to format your document. Using Headings, subtitles and paragraph text in your original document make it easier for the Adobe program to process your document using its built in accessibility tools.

For more information on Microsoft Word styles go to: Reasons to use Styles in Word this page includes a webinar and some great just in time help tutorials on styles and how to use them.



Use these tools when you are updating and creating new course documents. Creating our documents using universal design concepts from the beginning is an absolute best practice in academia.



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