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We have found the need to create an instruction set for student VoiceThread assignments. Feel free to copy and edit this instruction set for your students using VoiceThread in your courses.

VoiceThread Instructions:

  • To participate, click on the VoiceThread link above so it opens in a new window.
  • Click on the center of the image, this will open the VoiceThread.
  • To listen to the instructor post click the picture on the outside of the VoiceThread image.
  • To create your own comment, use the Comment button, located at the bottom of the VoiceThread window.
  • You can choose from text, audio or video to answer the questions provided.
  • When your comment is complete, save and select the big blue “submit assignment” button on the upper left of the screen, so your post can be viewed and graded.
  • If you are required to reply or comment on a classmates post, select and click the post and reply directly to it.


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