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Another great tool to use to capture a lecture is Office Mix. Created by Microsoft to work in conjunction with PowerPoint 2013, this app gives you to tools you need to record your powerpoint presentation while voicing your lecture.

To access this tool you must have Powerpoint 2013 on your PC. Then to online to www.officemix.com and download the app. When the download set up process is complete, open Powerpoint and access the Office Mix tools from the newly added MIX tab. This tool also allows you to download your final product as an MP4, which you can upload to YouTube and embed into Blackboard, ePortfolio or other online location.


If you are familier with Screencast-o-matic.com this tool will be an easy learn. The great part is, Office Mix is meant to use from within Powerpoint and you will not have to download the product multiple times or remember a password for an alternate app.

To get started:

  1. Go to www.officemix.com
  2. Follow the instructions to download OfficeMix
  3. Open Powerpoint, locate the new “Mix” toolbar

It’s that easy! For more information check out: Online Suggestions & Tips for Office Mix

Try it out and let us know how it goes.
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