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Another way to record screencaptures and lectures is by using Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2013 and OfficeMix. As a UA faculty, staff or student you have access to the Microsoft Office suite through UAA IT Services, find out how to access these tools at Microsoft 365 at UAA. Once you have Powerpoint 2013 on your computer, go to www.officemix.com and download the MIX app. This is free and it automatically creates a new menu called MIX.


Once you have completed and saved your Powerpoint presentation with your transitions & animations select the MIX button to access the recording features, to begin recording select “Slide Recording.”


The record interface allows you to set up your microphone and, if you choose, your webcam. You can use the buttons along the top or your arrow keys to move through the slides as you record the audio portion.


When you are done recording, select the “Close” icon. This will bring you back to the MIX menu. Here select “Upload to Mix”


This will open the OfficeMix interface in the left side of your screen. Follow the prompts to log into your ua.alaska.edu account


 Once the video has exported, uploaded and published to the OfficeMix account, select “Show me my Mix”ShowMeMyMix


In your Office Mix account you can view your video, give it a description and adjust the permissions & sharing. To allow sharing within a Blackboard course shell you should change the permissions to “Unlisted,”also de-select Allow Discussion Board, and SAVE.


Now you can choose “Embed” choose your size (small is good for Blackboard) and copy the embed code into your clipboard. From here navigate to the Blackboard shell you would like to add this video and follow these instructions:

  1. Open the area you would like to place the video, (all text boxes in Blackboard can hold embedded media)
  2. Select “Build Content” > “Item”
  3. Give the video a title
  4. Select the “html” button, located on the third row of the text box menu
  5. In the html popup, paste the embed code.
  6. Select Update, you will see a yellow box placeholder in the text box
  7. Submit

Tech note:

Keystrokes for copy and paste for use in Blackboard:

  • MAC: Copy using command+c, paste using command+v
  • PC: Copy using control+c, paste using control+v

As always if you need assistance or other information regarding course design and online learning please contact us at Academic Innovations & eLearning. 

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