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When you have completed your Screencast-o-matic recording, the next step is to PUBLISH the recording. Due to the smooth integration between YouTube and Blackboard AI&e suggests publishing to a YouTube account. Follow these directions to quickly publish your final screencast.

Name your recording
SOM Publish 1Select the YouTube publish option

SOM Publish 2

Optional: Add description of video and tags

Change Category o EDUCATION

Select Privacy as: Make video UNLISTED
If you have a captions file you can add it here
Choose custom sidebars

At YouTube select “Add Account”

In the next dialogue box select: Launch web browser

SOM Publish 4ALLOW ACCESS for screencast-o-matic.com
Sign In using your UAA login & password

SOM Publish 5

SOM Publish 6You will get a prompt indicating YouTube is added
This is indicated by the account name showing up
Now select Upload to YouTube

SOM Publish 8The indicator will show (Encoding %) indicating it is working

SOM Publish 9When the encoding is complete, a YouTube link will appear, click this link

SOM Publish 10You will be brought to YouTube, if your screen indicates the video is still processing, that is OK. Come back and refresh in a few minutes to review, edit, and add closed captions to your video before embedding it into your Course.

SOM Publish 11

Refer to EduTips for Adding Captioning in YouTube and Embedding your Videos in Blackboard for the next steps in creating your screencast!



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