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All courses connected to the UAOnline Class Schedule have a blank template created within UAA Blackboard previous to the beginning of each semester. Faculty listed as the instructor of record will have instructor access to these shells from their UAA Blackboard account.

Log in to your Blackboard Account

  • You will need an active UAA Username and Password to log in
    • If you are a new hire this information is mailed to you from Human Resources
    • If you have forgotten or need to reset your password go to http://me.uaa.alaska.edu
    • For further log in & password assistance contact UAA IT Services 907-786-4646
  • Log in at the Blackboard Log In Page

You will locate your course shells under the My Courses tab. The course is listed by its course code,

ex: 201601_31484: 201601_ENGL_A214_201_31484

The key to reading this code is:

2016 (year) 01(semester code) 31484 (CRN): 201601 (Spring 2016 Semester) ENGL (English) A (A=Anchorage campus), 214 (Class Number) 201 (section number) 31484 (CRN repeated)

This title can be changed from within the course shell under Course Management>Customization>Properties, though please make sure to always keep the CRN & Semester and Year listed in your custom title. This really helps students taking multiple courses find your course on their class list.

To enter the course environment select the title of the course and it should open your default course shell. This shell is totally editable by the instructor of record, content area names can be changed, content can be added and reorganized. The only area’s that should stay are “Student Help,” “Instructor Help,” and “Course Evaluation” as these are updated each semester.

If you are new to UAA Blackboard review the following tutorials and instruction sets to get started setting up your online course environment.

Tutorials & Resources

When the course ready for students to visit it must be made available, follow the instructions below:

Activate your Course(s)

It is up to each instructor to activate each Blackboard course content area making them “available” for student access. Please make your courses available on the first day of the semester. To make your courses available follow the instructions below:

  • Log in to your Blackboard account
  • Select the course (each course must be activated individually)
  • Go to Customization in Course Management
  • Select Properties
  • Scroll to item #3 Select Availability
  • Select YES
  • Click SUBMIT
  • Note the (not currently available) tag will no longer show on your course list

This course will now be available for viewing by all students registered through the UAOnline system.

Designing an Online Course

There are many ways to use the UAA Blackboard system. Some use the course shells just to share e-documents with students like syllabi and readings, others design the course as an online “course” website.

Academic Innovations & eLearning at UAA has a full team of instructional designers and a large selection of course design training materials to assist you in choosing your course design, and in implementing your design process. To begin go to: EduTip: Use a Course Design checklist to design or redesign your online course for ideas on how to begin the process. For consultation support call AI&e at 907-786-4496 to make an appointment.

Workshops, training and consultation are available at Academic Innovations & eLearning

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