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UAA IT services will be to hosting two separate instances of the UAA Blackboard Learn system previous to completing the full upgrade. If you are interested in the full time line and process for this project please go to this website, Blackboard Winter Upgrade, for more information.

If you are a faculty member who will be creating/updating or revising course content using course content from Fall 2015 or previous courses to get ready for Spring 2016 this information pertains to you directly.

You will be able to transfer course data from the current instance to your Spring 2016 course templates using the EXPORT/IMPORT process. Essentially you will be logging into the Archive/old Bb Instance, exporting a copy of your chosen course data, saving it to your hard drive, and logging into the new New Bb Instance and importing your course data into the Spring 2016 template(s) of your choosing.

The detailed instructions here will guide you through the EXPORT/IMPORT process, including navigation to the new Bb server. Note that the process is similar to course copy. When you import course content Bb will add all your copied material to the bottom of the navigation bar and within any pre-populated content areas. Each course will still need to be reviewed for missing content, broken links and edited before going live to students.

Also, please note as some building blocks and tools have been updated in the new environment you will might receive “error” messages from the import process. To know if your course imported correctly please review your new course areas. If you find errors or missing content, you may need to rebuild those individual items.

Export/Import Instruction Set

Log into https://bbarchive.uaa.alaska.edu and navigate to the course you would like to copy to your Spring 2016 course shell.

Navigate to the Export/Import tools in Custom Management>Control Panel>Export/Archive Course and Import Package/View Logs. These are located on the left navigation area in your course shell


To begin, navigate to Course Management>Control Panel>Packages and Utilities>Export/Archive Course. [We are exporting and not archiving in this tutorial]


In this interface, select “Export Package.” In this instance choose “Select All,” then scroll down and find “Student Help,” “Instructor Help,”Course Evaluation” and deselect them. They may be in a different location in your list.







All the content area and other boxes should be checked. Then select “Submit


The system will give you the “Success” alert, as a green bar across the screen, and you will receive an email at your @uaa.alaska.edu account verifying this action is completed. [If you get a RED bar indicating an error, call IT Services 907-786-4646 for assistance]


You will now see the ExportFile listed in the window. This is a .zip file. To download this file and make it accessible to import into another shell, hover over the menu icon at the end of the file name and selectOpen.


This will begin to download the .zip file onto your computer, normally this defaults to your “downloads” file. (Do not “unzip” this folder before importing it into your Spring 2016 course template.

This image indicates how the downloading file will appear in the bottom left of your screen, if using Google Chrome as your browser:


Step 2: Importing into the New Bb Environment

Navigate to the new Bb log in page at https://blackboard.uaa.alaska.edu and sign in with your current Bb credentials (UA Username & Password)

New Blackboard Log In page

To IMPORT this file into another Blackboard shell, navigate to your selected Spring 2016 course and open it. Navigate to Custom Management>Control Panel>Packages and Utilities>Import Package/View Logs

export/Import menu

In #2 select Browse My Computer and choose your downloaded Export file from it’s location, in #3 choose “select all” and Submit. You will get a success indicator and an email that it has been successfully imported to your @uaa.alaska.edu email account.

NOTE: (11/24/2015) After several faculty have attempted this process we have found that each course copy export is taking several steps to fully import into the new course shells. You may get a success email and not yet see your content loaded into the left navigation area. Please try to log out of Blackboard, clear your browser history and log back in to see your content appear. Try logging out and back in to “reset” your server connection if you are seeing odd error messages as you edit your course.



Items from the import file will show up in the new course at the bottom of the new course’s existing content areas. The imported content will not replace any existing items in the new shell, and no items will be removed. Once the import is complete use the Date Management Tool to adjust course dates and make sure to edit the Grade Center to clean up any unneeded columns.

Remember you may get a list of error messages in the import process in your email account. If you feel the import was unsuccessful or had additional technical errors please call UAA IT Services 907.786-4646 for additional assistance.


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