EduTip: Accessing Fall 2016 and Prior Collaborate Sessions

Instructions to add previously recorded Collaborate Sessions to your Blackboard course are below.

1. Visit
2. Log in with your UA username and password

3. Select a session to download


4. Select “Save File”

save-fileThe file has been downloaded. It can be accessed through your Downloads folder

5. Log in to
6. Select the course you would like the recording to be in
7. Add a File to a Content Area of the course


8. Name the File and Browse My Computer for the .jar file of the recording that was just downloaded


10. Set any other preferences for File Options and Standard Options, Select “Submit”
11. The file has now been added to your course


12. To play the recording Collaborate must be installed, instructions can be found here

Need help?  Contact our Instructional Designers at 907.786.4496 or

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