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Upgrade to VoiceThread

UAA has upgraded VoiceThread with Learning Tools Interoperability or LTI for Blackboard.  Instructors can add a VoiceThread anywhere in Blackboard with the Build Content feature.  There is now an option for creating graded VoiceThread assignments that integrate with Grade Center.  The 4:30 minute screen cast will show you how to link to VoiceThread from within Blackboard and create graded assignments.


Video: Create a graded VoiceThread assignment


  • Create a VoiceThread: Instructors grade students on a scale of 1-100 which equates to a percentage of the point value in Blackboard.  For example, in the video I set up a VoiceThread worth 200 points in Blackboard.  I have the option of grading the student withing VoiceThread on a scale.  If I give the student a 75% in VoiceThread on their assignment they will receive 150 points in Blackboard.
  • Comment on a VoiceThread: Instructors determine how many comments a student must complete to receive credit for the assignment.
  • Watch a VoiceThread: Students must watch a VoiceThread start to finish in order to receive credit.  We know, students may decide to open the VoiceThread in another window, and check in on Facebook or get a snack, but at least they have to select the VoiceThread and play it all the way through before receiving credit.


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