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Course copy has it’s challenges and quirks. This list of tips will hopefully help you in planning your next semester course shell set up.

Open the course you are COPYING FROM

  • Go to the Course Management Toolbar
  • Select Packages and Utilities
  • Select Course Copy

Course Copy Menu:


Here select BROWSE and  find the New Course Shell you want to copy this content into, then Select ONLY the Content Areas that have content in them. Follow the Tips below for each type of content.

Course Copy Options

Leave the following areas at the DEFAULT settings  Select SUBMIT

You will get a message that the content is copying and Blackboard will send you an email when the process is complete.



  • To copy assignments you MUST also copy GRADE CENTER COLUMNS and SETTINGS
  • This will copy the assignment posted in your content areas and also the full grade center.
  • You will need to review ASSIGNMENTS and adjust due dates in the new course shell
  • Try out the DATE MANAGEMENT tool, located under Course Tools,  to assist you in editing assignment due dates.

2. Copying TESTS

  • To copy tests you will need to select TESTS, SURVEYS and POOLS
  • Once copied if the deployed tests do not show up in the TEST content area, you will need to redeploy the tests in the new shell with new due dates using the ASSESSMENT > TESTS feature.
  • If you have grade center columns that were attached to tests or quizzes, you will have to go to the full grade center and delete those columns before re-deploying the new tests.

3. Copying Discussion Boards, Wiki’s, Blogs

  • Select the appropriate content area
  • For Discussion Boards choose either: Include Starter posts for each thread… or Include only the forums, with no starter posts.
  • If you do not see the content in the new Discussion Board area, use the + tool on the navigation bar to REBUILD THE DISCUSSION BOARD Tool Link. BB will then show the copied content.
  • You will have to review and delete student posts in the new course shell.

4. Combining Multiple Sections

  • Select your destination course
  • Scroll to 4. ENROLLMENTS and Select Include Enrollments in the Copy
  • ISSUES with combining courses:
  1. If you combine courses, Blackboard does not automatically add/drop students to the “copied course.” It may be beneficial to your time management to combine enrollments after final ADD/Drop date on UAA Academic Calendar to avoid having to go back and manage additional student users and dropped students.
  2. Make sure only the one course shell you are teaching from is made “Available” for students.
  3. Grades will need to be posted per class section within UAONLINE at the end of the semester.


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