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Preparing for a Collaborate session is much like preparing for a face-to-face class: develop your lesson plan, gather your materials, arrive before class begins, etc. The ideas are the same – and the look is different. This checklist helps with those differences.  You may not use all the items on the list.

Create the Collaborate session in Blackboard Learn if you haven’t already.
Plug your headset into your computer.
Enter the session 30 minutes before your class begins.
Set your connection speed when you first enter your session.
Go through the Audio Setup Wizard to ensure your microphone and speakers are working (Tools >Audio>Audio Setup Wizard).
Open any web sites or applications you will need for the session.
Prepare a list of additional web sites to view in a separate text document for easy access.
Load your content, i.e. PowerPoint presentations, whiteboards or image files, into the session’s whiteboard. Note:  if you leave the session before class starts, all your prepared content will go away.
Go to the first slide in your presentation and ensure that “Follow Moderator” is checked.
If working with a co-moderator, give them moderator privileges when they join the session. (Hover mouse over their name; click on the bars to the right; select Give Moderator Privileges.
Create formal breakout rooms and load content if required. (Tools > Break Out Rooms > Create Break Out Rooms)
Go to Tools > Breakout Rooms and check allow participants to move themselves to breakout rooms if you structure your class that way.
Go to Tools > Profiles > Show Profiles of and select everyone so that your students can see all the profiles
Set the timer (in the info button above the whiteboard) so that you and your students will get a reminder when class starts.
At the start of class, turn on the recording, if you wish to create an archive.  

If you have more questions about conducting Collaborate, contact the UAA Call Center, 907-786-4646 or 877-633-3888, option 1.

Revised Summer 2016. Revised spring 2015. Checklist modified from Elluminate’s “Presenting Online” document.

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