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Software used in this instruction set: Microsoft Word 2016 for MAC, Adobe Reader or Adobe Pro XI, Internet Browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)

UAA staff, faculty and students who are MAC users have access to the new MS OFFICE 2016 for MAC software. Note: Your MAC must have the most current iOS update to run 2016.

How to download MS Office 2016

Log into UAA Microsoft 365 Web Apps

  • Log in: username@ua.alaska.edu (note the email address is “ua” only)
  • Password: Your regular email password

You will be prompted to download Office 2016 for MAC (if the message only notes Office 2011, you must close this and open the App Store and update your iOS system) Once you have the updated software, follow the instructions below to create accessible electronic documents.


Instruction Set:

The key to creating accessible documents is to use the STYLES and INSERT tools when creating your document.

In the document each Title, Subtitle, Heading etc. should be changed to the “style” that matches its function. MS Word allows a user to create a personalized style set so you have control of the visual aspects of your document, i.e., font type, size, and color.

styles menu

If you are using embedded pictures, clip art or tables you will need to use the Insert tools, instead of using “copy > paste.” This feature allows you to add “tags” to your images which are essential for low vision and/or blind students using screen reader tools. Below is a quick list of “how-to” tutorials for using these tools when creating or updating your documents.

Insert picture menu in MS Word 2016

The final step of creating an accessible document is to add the title of the document in “Properties” and save it as an Adobe PDF file, run an accessibility report and adjust and/or add tags as needed. This also means that all the online documents loaded into your course will be in .PDF format. All students have access to the free Adobe Reader at http://www.adobe.com

Add title of the document by navigating to the FILE tab and locate the Properties list on the far right of the screen. You can also add other important information here:

Add title in MS Word 2016

To save as a .pdf, navigate to to the File tab and locate the Save As feature, select where you want the document saved and then choose .pdf in the other options menu:

How to save as .pdf in MS Word

Quick Steps:

  • Create or edit your document in MS Word 2016
  • Create the Document using “Styles” and “Insert Images” where needed
  • Save document as a PDF
  • Open document in Adobe Reader
  • Run Accessibility Report
  • Adjust broken items per Adobe instructions
  • Save and use this final PDF document in your online course

Tutorial Resources:

If you would like additional training or assistance with creating accessible online content please contact

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